Delegates are invited to register and to collect the conference documentation from the Welcome Desk upon arrival: Training Manual on USB, Notebook, Pen, Name badge and table card.

CAPE TOWN : Monday, 09th March : 08:00 – 08:30

PRETORIA 1 : Monday, 16th March : 08:00 – 08:30

PRETORIA 2 : Monday, 14th September : 08:00 – 08:30



Disclaimer: This course agenda is subject to change on the day of the course.

 DAY 1

08H00 Registration
08H45 Course administration and introduction
09H00 Delegate introductions
09H30 Food Safety Culture – We know the theory but what does it ACTUALLY look like?
10H00 Incident Management and Social Media Impact in the 21st Century
– Consumer Protection Act – Listeriosis and Class Action
– Social media
– Product incident and recall management
10H30 Tea/Coffee
10H45 Woolworths Audit Policy & Codes of Practice – New 2020 changes
11H45 The Art of Segregation – Product Integrity, Food Fraud & Allergen Management
13H00 Lunch
13H45 Design & Construction of Premises
15H00 Project Work (Including Tea /Coffee)
16H00 Project Feedback
17H15 Close of Day One

 DAY 2

08H00 Storage & Handling of Raw Materials & Packaging

  • Supplier approval
  • Receiving of raw materials
  • Storage
  • De-palletizing, De-boxing & Debagging
  • Sieving / Filtration of ingredients
09H00 Traceability (new 2020 requirements on traceability and mass balance exercises)
09H30 Prevention of Foreign Body Contamination

  • Prevention of contamination by Glass and glass like materials
  • Prevention of contamination by Metal
  • Prevention of contamination by Plastic
  • Prevention of contamination by String, Fibers & Bristles
  • Prevention of contamination by Industrial Lubricants
10H15 Tea/Coffee
10H30 Metal Detection and X-Ray – Practical Approach
11H00 Pest Biology and Life Cycles
12H00 Pest Proofing
12H45 Lunch
13H15 Preventative Maintenance
14H00 Training of Staff
14H30 Project Work (including Tea/Coffee)
15H45 Project Feedback
17H00 Close of Day Two

 DAY 3

08H00 New Guidelines

  • Listeria Reaction Guidelines
  • Guidelines for the control of Salmonella in low-moisture foods
09H00 Hygienic Engineering & Design – EHEDG in Africa
10H00 Personnel Hygiene

  • Personnel amenities
  • Protective clothing
  • Personnel practices
  • Medical screening of staff
10H45 Tea/Coffee
11H00 CCP Validations

  • Produce Decontamination
  • Metal Detection / X-ray
  • Thermal Processing
  • Sieving /Filtration
12H00 Self-Auditing – The key to successful external audits
12H45 Lunch
13H30 Root Cause Analysis & Cause Mapping – Problem, Analysis & Solutions!
14H15 Project Work
15H15 Project Work (including Tea/Coffee)
16H00 Other Projects Feedback
16H45 Close of Course