We are proud members of

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)   and   The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) .

The EHEDG provides hygienic design guidance for the food industry. Their 55 guidelines cover the essential hygienic design standards that are in compliance with European and International legislation.

The EHEDG mission is defined as:

“Raise awareness of hygienic engineering, develop guidance and solutions, and provide a platform to promote EHEDG expertise that facilitates networking between hygienic engineering experts from around the world.”

IBL Africa aligns itself with the principal goal of EHEDG, which is:

“The promotion of safe food by improving hygienic engineering and design in all aspects of food manufacture.”

APSCA is an industry association, whose members represent a substantial majority of the Social Compliance audit industry. Independent social compliance auditing continues to shift to the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility.

APSCA Membership provides IBL Africa with international recognition for Social Compliance auditing, satisfying the expectations of both APSCA, and SEDEX, who has aligned their Audit Quality Programme with APSCA.

IBL Africa employs a team of APSCA Member Auditors,  whom hold a Registered Auditor (RA) status with APSCA, with a view to rapidly expanding this base further.

It is a strategic objective for our business to become the leading provider of Social Compliance auditing services across the Southern Hemisphere by 2023.