• Good understanding of the process and industry. Firm in her approach and making sure that auditees are well explained and understand the issues at hand.
  • Audits are not easy, mostly from the auditee’s point of view, it doesn’t matter how much one thinks he is prepared. However, from our side we have seen ourselves growing from strength to strength, knowledge wise due to an auditor who will highlight the non-conformance and advise us on how to embark on corrective action when she sees that one is lost.
  • She adds value to our company, and she has a way of pointing out the wrong things that we do without offending us. And she acts professionally.
  • Very good auditor to work with. He is fair and reasonable, and also very knowledgeable.
  • Very good. Made a lot of recommendation for improvement. He has good knowledge and experience of this industry which was never been perceived before by another auditor.